Café Orient 33 Special

Kimchi stew (jjigae)
Home style Korean kimichi stew with white rice
$8.95 Ramen noodle
Mild/spicy ramen noodle



Spam $1.00 Dumpling $1.00
Bacon $1.00 Rice cake $1.00
Noodle $1.00 Shrimp $1.00
Extra vegetable $1.00 Extra vegetable $1.00


Chicago’s Best Fried Chicken Wings

Choice of sauce
Korean Spicy, Sweet Garlic
Sweet & Sour, BBQ, no sauce

5 pcs $7.95
10 pcs $14.90
15 pcs $20.85



A1. Dumplings
Pan steamed dumplings (6 pcs) choice of pork/chicken/vegetables
A2. Shrimp tempura
Deep fried shrimp with tempura sauce (3 pcs)
A3. Calamari
Fried calamari
A4. Egg rolls
Vegetable egg roll (2 pcs)
A5. Popcorn chicken
Served with choice of sauce
Korean spicy, sweet garlic, sweet & sour, BBQ, teriyaki
A6. Japchae
Sweet potato noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables
A7. Ttokbokki
Stir-fried rice cake with vegetables in spicy sauce
A8. Salad
Café Orient 33 special salad Dressing



S1. Hibachi steak
Japanese style-cut N.Y. Strip steak and onion served with vegie fried rice
S2. Kalbi
Korean BBQ short rib served with cabbage, Ssam sauce with white rice
S3. Bulgogi
Korean style marinated beef with white rice
S4. Philly bulgogi sandwich
Served with cheddar cheese &jalapeno pepper



P1. Daeji bulgogi
Korean style marinated pork with white rice
P2. Daegi dupbap
Korean pork bulgogi with stir-fried kimchi (spicy) over white rice



C1. Hibachi chicken
Japanese style-cut chicken and seasoned vegetables with fried rice
C2. Teriyaki chicken with fried rice
Teriyaki seasoned chicken with fried rice
C3. Teriyaki chicken with white rice
Teriyaki seasoned chicken with white rice
C4. Chicken kalbi
Grilled hot& spicy chicken with white rice
C5. Chicken cutlets with fried rice 
Breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet with fried rice
C6. Chicken cutlets with white rice 
Breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet with white rice



F1. Stir-fried octopus
Stir-fried octopus with hot sauce and vegetables served with white rice
F2. Stir-fried squid
Stir-fried squid with hot sauce and vegetables served with white rice
F3. Teriyaki salmon
Grilled Salmon with teriyaki sauce served with broccoli & white rice
F4. Grilled mackerel
Grilled mackerel fish served with white rice



R1. Bibimbap with meat
Vegetables, beef, egg with Korean chili sauce served with white rice
R2. Bibimbap without meat
Vegetables, egg with Korean chili sauce served with white rice
R3. Fried rice
Choice of shrimp, chicken, or beef
R4. Kimbap
Korean bulgogi beef rice rol



N1. Bibim noodle
Thin noodle, vegetables, beef, egg, kimchi served with Korean chili sauce
N2. Beef noodle soup
Thin noodle soup topping with beef, carrot, zucchini, thinly sliced eggs in pork broth
N3. Cold noodle
Buckwheat noodle with slice beef, pickled radish, boiled egg and julienned cucumbers in beef broth



T1. Manduguk
Pork dumpling soup with rice cake slices
T2. Soon tofu
Spicy soft tofu stew with white rice choice of seafood or beef
T3. Denjang jjigae
Korean bean paste stew and tofu served with white rice


No Sugar Added


D1. Banana / Mango $3.95

Milk tea, Green tea, Watermelon, Pineapple  


D2. Banana / Blueberry $3.95
D3. Banana / Peanut Butter $3.95
D4. Banana / Pineapple $3.95
D5. Banana / Strawberry $3.95



All Soda/bottle of water